The Domain of Luissalet to Bex is a family exploitation of 5 hectares managed by Willy Deladoëy. She is situated on the hill of Chiètres to Bex, the most southerly naming of the canton of Vaud.

The rocky ground established by crisp slates brings all its character and his nobility to our wines by a subtle and discreet country(soil). The excellent exposure of the vineyard allows the culture of numerous vines. Chasselas grape, Chardonnay, Pinot white, Sauvignon white, Gamay, Pinot black, Diolinoir, Cabernet-Franc and Gamaret.

Converted into wine either in traditional method or in barrels, these dry wines or softness, rewarded by numerous national and international distinctions surprise the wine taster by their bouquet and their sharpness.

Nos vins primé
The whole Domain is to the advantage of the label Vitiswiss guaranteeing that the exploitation respects standards of ecological production.

Vigneron-Encaveur relieve the message of the ground, their country, the guard of the heritage of the traditions and guarantor of the authenticity.


Luissalet Réserve Noire 2012
L'accroche Coeur 2013
Sale in the Domain
on Friday and Saturday morning or on request
Tasting by appointment
Chasselas tradition 2014
Tél. 079.632.35.23 ou
L'Aurélien 2015
Rte de chiètre 29 - 1880 Bex

Pinot-Noir 2015